American chopsuey


  1. Tomatoes- 1/2 kg
  2. Noodles- 2 packets
  3. Capsicum- 2 pcs ( Chopped lenght wise)
  4. Carrots- 2 pcs ( Same)
  5. Onions- 2 pcs( Same)
  6. Cabbage- 1 small piece
  7. Pineapple- ( Same)
  8. Sugar
  9. Ajinomotto
  10. Soya sauce
  11. chilly sauce
  12. tomato ketchup
  13. oil for frying
  14. Water
  15. corn flour- 3 tbsp

Boil the noodles with salt and 1 tbsp oil. After boiling wash it with cold water and keep it aside after oiling it. Now fry them on high flame. boil the tomatoes and beat them well to make tomato paste. Now mix corn flour in the water. Add tomato paste, cornflour mixture, salt, pepper and sugar in a pan and keep it on medium flame. Stir it continuously. After 10 minutes, when it becomes thick turn off the flame. Mix all the sauces as per the taste and add all vegetables to it.

Put Fried Noodles in a plate and 
pour gravy on it....
You may garnish it with baby corns and Pineapple
And Grated Cheese....


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